The Therapy That Jewelry Brings: One Of Mining’s Beautiful Repercussions 

The mining industry has been faced with various challenges over the past years concerning laws and regulations. It has been scrutinized because of the harmful effects that it already has when it comes to our environment.  


As more and more people do mining the wrong way, we are giving up more and more of our precious natural resources. However, when done rightly and responsibly, it could have a whole range of benefits that it could offer as well – not only on an economical but also on a personal level. 

For most people, wearing jewelry serves different purposes. It may be a status symbol, a remembrance of an achievement, or a mere accessory. While many people would love to wear these items of embellishment, there are also a lot of people drawn to making them.  

Here, jewelry is no longer just a luxury. It goes beyond just a guilty pleasure. For people undergoing medical challenges, particularly with their mental health, jewelry wearing (and even making) has its share of therapeutic effects. Here are some of them: 


Kind Of Coping Mechanism 

When making your jewelry pieces, you are given time to divert your attention instead of dwelling on your problems. It shifts your focus from the bombarding thoughts of daily life to the simplicity of just letting time pass by and just letting go of your worries. It gives you the quiet time you need to think about things and process your emotions. Sometimes, diversion is key to helping us cope with our life problems. “…we have to understand that consumption is about values, it is about people’s moral convictions,” says Peter G. Stromberg, Ph.D. “We have to start from the realization that people consume in an attempt to lead a life that is meaningful according to their values.”



Regulates Breathing And Blood Flow 

As jewelry making takes the stress out of you, it results in the better circulation of your blood. Your heart rate goes down, and the risk of heart attack likewise decreases. Even the dangers of high blood pressure are also lowered as the blood flow normalizes.  

On the other hand, jewelry making increases your energy levels and keeps you positive. This method of maintaining good health is definitely way cheaper than actual medication. 


Unleashes Creativity  

“Creativity has a kind of ethereal, ephemeral quality,” says Margarita Tartakovsky, MS. “It’s the muse that comes and goes as she pleases.” A lot of people do not know that they are more creative than they thought they were. But, they only get to discover this when they try new things. Making pieces of jewelry allows you to unleash those creative juices as you mix and match those colorful beads together. It fuels up your imagination and pushes you to think outside the box. It also develops that creative thinking that you can apply in other areas of life. 




Helps Improve Focus 

Especially for those having a hard time maintaining their focus, beading and making jewelry is an excellent exercise. It draws you to focus on the smallest parts of the piece and as a result, improves your attention to detail. It helps you keep your eye on one task alone, without having to mix things up together. As a result, you can also apply this focus and concentration to other situations to raise both productivity and happiness. 


Provides A Way For Self-Expression 

Making jewelry cultivates your sense of self. As you connect with your inner being, you get a better hand at dealing with other people around you. Also, you get empowered by the fact that you have control as to which pieces to put together, what colors to combine, and what designs to make – ultimately leading to your masterpiece. “They also believed the purchases could change their life, for example by transforming their appearance, self-confidence, reputation, and relationships,” says Ryan T. Howell, Ph.D. Every piece and every design tells a story and speaks a lot about who you are.  


It is beautiful to think that more than just an item of luxury or glitz and glamour, jewelry does bring a lot of benefits not only to a person’s physical health but more so, for mental and psychological wellness.   

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