2014 Austin Mining Conference: How The Economy Benefits From Mining

The decision to attend the 2014 Austin Mining Conference did not initially come from our interest in the field, frankly speaking. At that time, various environmental groups were pushing to close mining sites in different parts of the United States. Hence, we agreed to join the summit with the idea that the speakers would merely talk about the millions of dollars they make with every mineral extracted and processed.

One thing that most people – including us – failed to realize back then, though, was that mining was – and still is – beneficial for the economy. After all, the activity allows companies to:

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1. Give A Source Of Earning To The Locals

When mining corporations decide to operate in one town, they do not send a whole team to work there. They usually employ folks from the same place and merely provide project managers on site, thus reducing the rate of employment within the community.

2. Provide Metals Essential For The Production Of Things We Use Daily

The miners are the ones we should thank for gadgets, vehicles, and jewelry we have access to. The reason is that the precious metals used to create them – e.g., gold, silver, copper, and aluminum – won’t possibly come to the face of the earth today if those people did not do their job. Furthermore, the industries associated with┬ásuch minerals are among the most significant contributors to a country’s economy.

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3. Make Electricity Affordable For Many

Lastly, mining coal lets companies lower the cost of gas since this source is abundant. Some also collect uranium, which is another material that you can derive clean fuel from. Because of that, anything that requires gasoline, diesel, and other power sources – particularly electricity – remains affordable even for regular-wage earners.

In Conclusion

It is best not to think of mining in an overly negative light. This activity is only harmful if the company that conducts it does not have a program to rehabilitate their area of operation. However, if done with caution and care for the environment, it should offer more advantages than disadvantages, primarily to the economy.

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