Should You Use Ayahuasca In The Mining Industry?

Ayahuasca has been linked to tons of psychoactive effects that are usually experienced by the people who enjoy drinking this beverage. It is made of two plants namely Banisteriopsis caapi and Psychotria viridis. In the past, Ayahuasca is considered a big part of the culture of the natives in South America. These people use it for their spiritual practices or activities too. Over the years, its popularity has risen due to the several advantages that are associated with it.


Before anything else, it is essential or vital to note that the effects of this powerful brew or drink can vary from one person to another. The known effects are subjective. In this article, we are going to provide a quick enumeration of the advantages that one can get from consuming Ayahuasca: 

  1. It Reduces Depression

A recent study shows that this Ayahuasca targets several regions of the brain that are responsible for processing emotions. The regular consumption of this item is proven to be effective in eliminating stress as well as anxiety experienced by the person involved. At the same time, it can also decrease or reduce depression due to its anti-depressive components. It is classified as a medicine that can activate the serotonin receptors in the brain.

  1. It Cures Cancer

The several people who have taken advantage of the availability of Ayahuasca claimed that they felt more revitalized than ever. According to EduardoSchenberg, a researcher from the University of Sao Paulo, the brew has a high potential of addressing the medical issue concerning cancer cells. In his published study, he revealed that DMT and harmine found in Ayahuasca play an essential role in cancer treatment. However, he emphasized that additional tests and experiments must be conducted to come up with detailed findings.

  1. It Expands Consciousness

Ayahuasca allows an individual to live in the present by giving him an opportunity to discover a deeper meaning of his life. It provides a person with a chance to appreciate all the circumstances and decisions that led him to where he is at the moment. It is ideal for one who is searching for answers in his life or finding a way to gain a full understanding of his current situation. It can also evoke a positive feeling of self-redemption as well as self-reflection.

  1. It Can Be Self-Healing

Several persons call Ayahuasca as a healer due to the different excellent processes that it facilitates in the human body. Consuming this brew can lead to psychosomatic and spiritual shifts. It is the primary reason why it is said to be the perfect brew that can cure addiction. It can result in some changes in the habits or customs enjoyed by a particular person. It includes the modification in the addictive patterns practiced by the same individual.

  1. It Reduces Stress

Another known effect of Ayahuasca is reduced stress and anxiety. This alternative medicine has a component that can make a person feel lightweight and free from the pressures of the material world. Because of this feature, many people prefer to have it regularly. As already mentioned above, this robust brew can also evoke mindfulness making any person more focused for a particular day. Stress reduction is essential in the mining industry.


What To Do Next?

Take note that the article presents Ayahuasca and its benefits. However, we do not claim that it is the perfect solution to improve your working conditions. It is still highly recommended to book an appointment with a medical doctor or psychiatrist who can tell you more about this potent brew. You may be allergic to a significant component found in Ayahuasca. If not detected at an early stage, continued use of the powerful brew can be dangerous to your health. Instead of enjoying the benefits, you may end up missing more.

Keep in mind that not all states allow the use, possession, and sale of Ayahuasca. As such, it is crucial or essential for you to read the rules and regulations of the company before taking Ayahuasca within the premises of the company’s buildings and establishments. Remember that the employer may terminate you immediately the moment you fail to comply with the said rule.


If there is one thing that you need to understand at this point, it is the fact that there are still other ways to de-stress and expand consciousness despite your busy schedule in the mining industry. All that you must do is to take some time to rest so that you can recover from the stressful events or moments at work. Do not hesitate to rest or take a break when necessary. Keep in mind that your mental health must be prioritized at all times. Otherwise, you will end up experiencing problems in your job. In the long run, you may lose interest to get things done if the palace has


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