Chocolate Diamonds: What’s So Special About Them?


Diamonds have been around since forever. They are a staple in every woman’s collection because of their beautiful sparkle. They also come in multiple shapes, colors, and sizes fit for a woman’s dream. Most importantly, their reputation lies in the fact that they are the hardest natural mineral. The most popular type of diamond is those which are almost colorless with outstanding clarity.

However, the trend of exploring colored diamonds is becoming increasingly apparent. No longer are diamonds exclusive in the transparent color. Now, some come in incredible shades of blue, purple, yellow, red, and even brown. Yes, brown diamonds exist! And to make them sound more luxurious, the industry has named them as Chocolate Diamonds.

What Are Chocolate Diamonds?

Chocolate Diamonds are rare and naturally brown-colored diamonds. The term “Chocolate Diamond” is a trademark name of Le Vian. In other words, they are brown diamonds which are more affordable than colorless diamonds. Chocolate Diamonds come from countries like Australia, Congo, Borneo, or Brazil. Take note that not all brown diamonds are Chocolate Diamonds. The name “chocolate” only applies to a particular grade and color of a brown diamond.

A Chocolate Diamond occurs naturally and artificially. Even if the look of these artificial diamonds appears brown, they are just typical diamonds treated with heat. Therefore, synthetic Chocolate Diamonds are not at all considered as such altogether.

What Separates Chocolate Diamonds From Brown Diamonds?

Chocolate Diamonds are an elite class of brown diamonds. Only an inconsequential percentage of brown diamonds are Chocolate Diamonds because Le Vian has a rigorous standard for this.

Brown diamonds are the most common on earth. These are opaque, light, or even yellow-hued. Brown diamonds are usually used only for industrial purposes until recently. When they switched to the fine jewelry market, their value remained lower than the other diamonds. On the other hand, Chocolate Diamonds have a deeply saturated dark brown color. It increases in value depending on how rich and dark the color is.

Are They As Valuable As Regular Diamonds?


If you’re purchasing a piece of jewelry for future investment, a Chocolate Diamond may not be your best choice. These are not expected to rise in value any time soon, and even the best Chocolate Diamond might not meet auctioneers’ or buyers’ standards. Of all colored diamonds, these are some of the least valuable pieces due to their opaque color and very little shine.

Most brown diamonds have lesser clarity and poor color. There are brown diamonds which are a lot rarer and are more beautiful than colorless diamonds. However, this only comprise less than 5% of brown diamonds. Because Chocolate Diamonds are classified together with brown diamonds, this lowers the value for both drastically.

Why Buy A Chocolate Diamond?


Chocolate Diamonds are becoming more common nowadays because of great advertising.  Jewel companies like Le Vian have made it seem like Chocolate Diamonds are the next big thing. Even if they may not be the best in terms of value, Chocolate Diamonds are low in cost. Thus, it is an excellent option for engagement rings or if you are looking into owning a jewelry piece. The unique color also allows you to customize and even personalize your diamond, all within budget.

If you’re thinking about buying a Chocolate Diamond, research well. Even if these cost less, you will still spend some money on it. But who knows, Chocolate Diamonds might be your best friend too!

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