Corona Virus Lives On Metal – How To Stop Them From Thriving


We were all educated on the fact that the Corona virus can live on metal things. This is the very reason why it is essential to wash your hands even when you are at home or splash on some alcohol and hand sanitizer. The alcohol content must be seventy percent, so it can kill bacteria and viruses. You also need to remove your jewelry like ring, bracelet, and watch when sanitizing your hands and arms.

At this time, April 21, 2020, 175,759 have already died. This figure is from the Worldometers website, and they have gotten their information from the countries infected by the virus. These people have families, and now, they are dead. The virus has taken away so much from us, and we have to fight back. We cannot let this virus thrive on us, and one way to stop this from spreading is to clean your hands frequently.

Experts from Georgia State University have studied the nature of bacteria and how it thrives on metals, especially jewelry. Is it possible to not wear your jewelry when you go out? This is one solution in avoiding contamination – that is, if people are willing to do it. When you go out, heaven forbid, the virus clings on your ring, and you were not able to disinfect thoroughly. What will happen? You bring it back to your home.

If you must wear your wedding ring or any other piece of jewelry for memory purposes, then learn how to clean it thoroughly. Sanitize your jewelry so that the bacteria or virus living on it will not infect you or your loved one.


Let’s say you take your ring off, and they wash your hands. After that, you put your ring back on, and then, what? If there is bacteria or virus on the ring, it will go back to your freshly washed hands. This is why experts say that while washing, including your jewelry.

How is this possible? Can your jewelry be destroyed when you sanitize it? A jewelry historian explains that putting hand sanitizer on your jewelry might ruin it. The best way to disinfect your metal jewelry is to wash it with soap and water.

CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is advocating everyone – ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS. You have to do this even if you do not go out. When you are at home, you still have to wash your hands with soap all the time. Before you cook your food, wash your hands. After you are done preparing and cooking, remove it again. Before you eat your meals, wash your hand. When you wash, always use soap, anti-bacterial is best, and not those perfumed one.

To prevent further contamination, people who are caregivers to babies, little children, and the elderly are reminded to wash their hands before and after they come into contact with them. When watching after patients who are sick, one must wear a mask and wash their hands. It is so much better NOT TO WEAR ANY METAL ACCESSORIES when tending to a patient. If you are treating open wounds, you have to sanitize your hands thoroughly.

This is supposed to be a natural thing to do, but it would surprise you that some people are fond of using the toilet paper when wiping their butt. At this time, it is advised to use water when washing after you use the toilet. The same thing goes for people who touch diapers. Wash your hands meticulously.


There are many metal surfaces at your home. If you can manage to find a disinfecting spray like Lysol, use it regularly. Some people use chlorine diluted in water for their tables, sinks, and floors. This is also good, but if you use it on metal, they may be a reaction.

The valid question is that – how do we properly wash our hands? It is very easy. You just need water and anti-bacterial soap. That is it. Turn on the knob and let the water run. Put your hands under the running water and include your arms. Turn off the knob and get the soap. You can use liquid or bar soap. Scrub the soap on your hands and arms, and make a foam. Count for 20 seconds – do not rush. Do this – One Mississippi. Two Mississippi. Three Mississippi, and up to Twenty. Just scrub it. When done, let the running water wash away the bacteria. Wipe with a towel.

Is your ring on the finger as your scrub? Yes, it should if you are wearing it outside.

Better safe than COVID-19-sorry.

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