Gold Investments Are An Advantage To The Family


We are considered lucky if we have been brought up in a family full of love, care, and attention. In a typical household, parents will do everything just for the whole family to live a comfortable life, especially the children. And if possible, children should not know about the struggles that parents met along the way except for those who are adults and working already. And among these struggles is all about finances.

Handling finances is really important, especially when you become an adult and are already receiving your hard-earned salary. Being teenagers or young adults, unless we are committed to giving back to our parents with our monthly salary, most of us tend to spend more than save more. There will always be that thought that it’s okay to buy things we want after receiving our salary because we are working hard for it.

But as time went by, I have thought that saving and investing should be part of our agenda once we already have jobs and may now be receiving our salary. This move is not easy, though, especially if we haven’t had any experience concerning this matter. Usually, we are just dependent on our parents and spend any penny we receive from them.


But it’s different if one is planning to live independently or plans to have a family on his own. You would no longer be thinking about yourself only. You will now have a spouse and children to think of. And since money is an essential part of our day to day living, we should be more cautious about how we spend every penny that we earn. Following a certain budget and setting aside some amount for emergencies is advisable because we never know when a “storm” is coming. And if you have more extra funds after budgeting, investing will be a good move. It may be risky, but you will reap your rewards soon when the right time comes.

With the advancement of technology, learning about these things may not be that hard since materials are already available online. You just have to be diligent in researching for more information with regards to saving and investing.

You can try learning and invest in the stock market, or you can venture into real estate depending on your preference. Another way of investing, which I think is unknown to many, is buying gold jewelry made with real karats. I know of someone who has reaped good fortune because of investing in gold jewelry in the early years.


Back then, my aunt was always fond of looking and buying jewelry, especially those that are made of gold. She makes it a point to buy some gold jewelry whenever she can save some money from teaching. But this interest in jewelry also sometimes causes arguments with his husband because my uncle can’t seem to understand the importance of buying gold jewelry. My aunt insists that it is a good investment and that they can take advantage of it in the future.

I also loved looking at these precious metals, but my mom is just not quite fond of them. And besides, gold jewelry is pricey, so we really can’t be able to afford to buy some unless we save some of our money to buy those gold jewelry. Her daughter and I are of the same age, so I usually get to hang out in their home during free time. Whenever I visit my aunt’s house, she always talks about her collection of her gold jewelry. For her, buying these gold jewelry is not to show off but an investment that may help their family in the future.

Indeed, she keeps on buying gold jewelry from her seller friend whenever there are some extra savings from her salary. I can’t fully understand her fascination and interest with it but seeing her collection of those precious metals makes me envy her, especially when she wears them on special occasions.


It was during my college days that I was able to witness how those precious metals have helped my aunt’s family. When we were about to graduate in college, things had not been better on their end. Due to some circumstances, my uncle was laid off from work, and our school fees have hiked up because we will be graduating soon. It was during those times that my aunt was able to make use of her gold jewelry.

She pawned some of it in a nearby pawnshop, hoping that it can somehow suffice the needs of her daughter and will be able to graduate on time. And we were shocked to know that the pawnable amount for her jewelry was high. Some have even higher pawns than the original price of the jewelry. Indeed, pawning some of it helped my cousin fund her graduation fees, and we were able to graduate together on time. There were even extra funds that helped them sustain their daily needs before my uncle got a new job.

We may have different preferences and priorities when it comes to budgeting and saving from our hard-earned money. Still, it’s just comforting to know that following her passion and interest in owning those precious metals of gold and silver has helped her family in the future.

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