Gold Obsession That Ruined My Life (Addiction Counseling)

A year ago, I had an amazing life. I am married to the most beautiful woman I know, and I live with her in a happy and fun home with our three children. Of course, it was a family picture that I always want to cherish. Everything about it was so perfect for me that I never thought it could end with a simple mistake that continued growing over time.

It was in mid-March last year when a friend of mine introduced me to the gold bar collection. At first, I was hesitant because I find the hobby a little over the top. I do have a nice job as a teller in the bank, and I pretty much understand how each gold bar values. So at that time, I was like, “okay, I’ll try collecting some.”


Having pieces of gold bars made me realize how much I am into the hobby. So my friend and I put up investment and bought a lot. We were so certain that we wanted to have tons of gold bars in our possession, so we made sure to get and find a great deal for it. That is where we met Carlo. He was a gold bar enthusiast who also has many connections to the gold bar industry.

The first couple of transactions were smooth, and everything was quite doing great. So my friend and I ended up trading all our hard-earned money for dozens of gold bars. Days before the said transaction, my wife told me that it would be a risk since I put everything we have on the line. My wife was so worried that she said I should stop with my gold bar obsession and said I might be dealing with a mental health condition. But I didn’t listen to her and shrug it off. Instead, I assured her that we would live a wealthy life once we get all those gold bars, and we won’t have to work in our entire life anymore.

So the day of the transaction finally came, and my friend and I were so excited to finish the deal. We enchased all our money, and I even put up my house for additional collateral for the said transaction. Unfortunately, we got scammed, and all the money we invested was gone just like that. It was a devastating moment for me that I broke down. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I trusted the wrong people, and my gold bar obsession took a very damaging effect on my life.


The Unfortunate Result

After that incident, I go bankrupt. I couldn’t pay my bills, and I had difficulty finding money to feed my family. I was broke that I couldn’t even put food on the table for my family. Everything was out of my control, and I was slowly losing my sanity. I tried asking for help from friends, but all of them refused to help me. Most of them are blaming me for being so naïve and obsessed.

I slowly began to feel depressed. I still want to get my gold bards back, so I was selling some of the stuff. I sold my car and some furniture in the house. I even sold some properties that my wife had even before we got married. When she found out, it was too late. There is nothing left on the properties because I used all of them for collateral for the debt I was into after the tons of money I lost in the gold bar scam.

But that struggle didn’t stop me from my obsession. There was this one time that I had to lie to my parents and asked money from them and told them that I would use the money for business investment. But then, I put up the cash to buy some pieces of gold bars that I found in the underground market. Unfortunately, what I got were fake gold bars. When my parents found out that the money they saved for their retirement was now gone, they stopped talking to me because they couldn’t control my gold bar addiction anymore. But I was hesitant and continued looking for another source to get pieces of it.


Until one day, after I was out running some errands, I found that my wife and children left me. It was about time that they finally decided to leave me alone because I couldn’t help myself. I entirely ruined my life just because of wanting to have a lot of gold bars in my hand.

Surely, not all people would understand my situation. But it was too late that I realized I was addicted to gold bars. It was not something a person could easily identify. I wish I listened to my wife when she said I should seek professional advice.


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