Ecological Counseling About Mining’s Environmental Impact

Mining refers to the specific process of extracting minerals and metals from the Earth. Some of these include iron, uranium, coal, silver, diamond, and gold. Mining has become an essential habit that almost all country exhibits due to its role in improving every nation’s economy. But despite the economic benefits of mining, it poses a whole lot of ill effects on the environment. It is like tapping all the resources and draining the life out of the Earth.

Unfortunately, it is entirely impossible to stop every nation from mining. It would probably take thousands of years before people could realize the damaging effects of mining. Thus, it is essential to know the root of the problem so everyone can take a step forward in finding the best solution.


The Effects Of Mining On The Environment

The process of mining is straightforward. It usually starts with clearing out a large forest area to give easy access for the miners to do their job. People might wonder about the significance of that. But unfortunately, regardless of the initial damage of mining, removing the trees is entirely part of the process because it makes it easy for large-scale mining operations to use excavators and huge bulldozers to extract the metals and minerals from the soil. But this particular strategy leads to deforestation.

As we all know, it is a damaging process that disturbs the balance in nature. It touches the habitat of most animals, destroying biodiversity. The clearing of land for mining can cause a huge impact on about 80 percent of global species that resides in the forest. Aside from that, habitat destruction is the primary cause of species extinction worldwide. Therefore, it greatly decreases the balance and creates a human-wildlife conflict.

Deforestation due to mining is a huge problem as it causes soil erosion. But aside from that, the destruction of forest puts the local populations of the indigenous reserves at risk of watersheds and land qualities that lead to some health issues. It also threatens local communities by disrupting their livelihoods and affecting the quality of the food supply.

The chemicals from mine drainage can cause severe contamination of soil. It also contributes to the degradation of land and pollutes dammed rivers and pond waters. The poor working conditions in mines cause depletion of natural resources. Thus, it can’t be denied that it is bad for the ecosystem.


Why There’s No Stopping Mining

Mining is thought to be dangerous as it brings worse things to the environment. However, mining is not always detrimental as it provides some economic gain. Mining is essential in assuring the supply of natural resources. Through mining, there is an improved quality of people’s lives as goods, services, and infrastructure become abundant. For instance, numerous industries can benefit from mining fossil fuels and metals beneficial for industrial production processes. It provides a huge advantage in the future when it comes to new technology inventions.

Aside from that, mining offers employment opportunities. It can help those less fortunate to develop their quality of life and progress with their everyday living. Mining may be bad for the environment, but it gives some people a chance to gain enough income to support their family’s needs. Mining can become a source of financial stability for those people who do not have a degree but are more than able to work on physical workloads. Mining can be crucial to ensure the livelihood of many individuals who struggle to survive otherwise.

Every country engages in mining as it promises to provide them reasonable advancement. And with the help of a constant labor force, mining can become efficient and more optimized. Therefore, it guarantees to increase the country’s wealth and resource power. Through mining, countries can become more technologically mature, economically dependent, and financially developed. It helps them become competitive in the fierce global competition.



Yes, the majority of mining information leads people to damaging effects. However, as technology progresses, many experts are trying their best to come up with measures that help mitigate the adverse effects of mining to make its processes as eco-friendly as possible. That explains why there is the inclusion of using the most high-standardized planning procedure and efficient pieces of machinery in some practice. There is also a huge consideration to the distribution of the raw materials that are extracted in mines.

Mining exists for quite a long time, and humanity has benefited from the process ever since. Some countries don’t have many other industries, yet they can still make a fortune from extracting valuable natural resources out of the ground. Therefore, we can conclude that mining is significantly important to secure a high level of prosperity for the country and its citizens.


Gold Obsession That Ruined My Life (Addiction Counseling)

A year ago, I had an amazing life. I am married to the most beautiful woman I know, and I live with her in a happy and fun home with our three children. Of course, it was a family picture that I always want to cherish. Everything about it was so perfect for me that I never thought it could end with a simple mistake that continued growing over time.

It was in mid-March last year when a friend of mine introduced me to the gold bar collection. At first, I was hesitant because I find the hobby a little over the top. I do have a nice job as a teller in the bank, and I pretty much understand how each gold bar values. So at that time, I was like, “okay, I’ll try collecting some.”


Having pieces of gold bars made me realize how much I am into the hobby. So my friend and I put up investment and bought a lot. We were so certain that we wanted to have tons of gold bars in our possession, so we made sure to get and find a great deal for it. That is where we met Carlo. He was a gold bar enthusiast who also has many connections to the gold bar industry.

The first couple of transactions were smooth, and everything was quite doing great. So my friend and I ended up trading all our hard-earned money for dozens of gold bars. Days before the said transaction, my wife told me that it would be a risk since I put everything we have on the line. My wife was so worried that she said I should stop with my gold bar obsession and said I might be dealing with a mental health condition. But I didn’t listen to her and shrug it off. Instead, I assured her that we would live a wealthy life once we get all those gold bars, and we won’t have to work in our entire life anymore.

So the day of the transaction finally came, and my friend and I were so excited to finish the deal. We enchased all our money, and I even put up my house for additional collateral for the said transaction. Unfortunately, we got scammed, and all the money we invested was gone just like that. It was a devastating moment for me that I broke down. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I trusted the wrong people, and my gold bar obsession took a very damaging effect on my life.


The Unfortunate Result

After that incident, I go bankrupt. I couldn’t pay my bills, and I had difficulty finding money to feed my family. I was broke that I couldn’t even put food on the table for my family. Everything was out of my control, and I was slowly losing my sanity. I tried asking for help from friends, but all of them refused to help me. Most of them are blaming me for being so naïve and obsessed.

I slowly began to feel depressed. I still want to get my gold bards back, so I was selling some of the stuff. I sold my car and some furniture in the house. I even sold some properties that my wife had even before we got married. When she found out, it was too late. There is nothing left on the properties because I used all of them for collateral for the debt I was into after the tons of money I lost in the gold bar scam.

But that struggle didn’t stop me from my obsession. There was this one time that I had to lie to my parents and asked money from them and told them that I would use the money for business investment. But then, I put up the cash to buy some pieces of gold bars that I found in the underground market. Unfortunately, what I got were fake gold bars. When my parents found out that the money they saved for their retirement was now gone, they stopped talking to me because they couldn’t control my gold bar addiction anymore. But I was hesitant and continued looking for another source to get pieces of it.


Until one day, after I was out running some errands, I found that my wife and children left me. It was about time that they finally decided to leave me alone because I couldn’t help myself. I entirely ruined my life just because of wanting to have a lot of gold bars in my hand.

Surely, not all people would understand my situation. But it was too late that I realized I was addicted to gold bars. It was not something a person could easily identify. I wish I listened to my wife when she said I should seek professional advice.


Frequently Asked Questions About Agitated Depression

As a mining engineer for more than two decades, I have worked with all kinds of miners on a broader array of mining sites to know what to expect as soon as I saw them. I could tell based on observation alone who’s new or who’s experienced at their jobs. More importantly, who among them would not be strolling around the site and could work even without supervision?

Now, there was a particular mining site that I had the most difficulty with. It was not because of awful facilities or lazy miners, no. It was because there were three employees there who showed signs of agitation.


How Agitated People Behave

Let’s called the first person as Ronnie. He was a 23-year-old guy who got looped into the business by his friends. They lived in the nearby suburban area where most of the men worked in the mining site. From an objective view, I liked Ronnie’s work. He was diligent; he picked up on things quickly. However, he was also terribly scared of caves and explosives – two common things you would deal with when you’re a miner. We used explosives as little as possible, but going to a human-made cave was inevitable, and Ronnie would always look clammy and shaky whenever he would have to go in there.

The second person was Joe. He came from the same suburban area where Ronnie lived. The problem with him was that his nervousness showed too much excitement or stubbornness. For instance, a supervisor showed how to identify a rock from a mineral, and he was already sorting through his pile. I heard complaints from his coworkers about that, considering correcting his errors did the job twice as hard for everyone.

The last one was Benjamin. Unlike Joe and Ronnie, he was a supervisor from another state. Going to a different state meant higher pay, and he needed that extra money because he had baby #2 on the way. However, since Benjamin could not go home often and missed his family terribly, he was often snappy towards the miners. That’s especially true if they could not understand instruction in one go. 

Why People Become Agitated

When I found out about the problematic employees, I asked my direct superior if we could bring a psychologist to the mining site. I did not want to believe that they were a bunch of crazy or mean people. After all, working in a mining site could take a toll on your mental health after a while. Its effect could even worsen if you had to live in the quarters, away from your family, for an extended period. Perhaps only Ronnie, Joe, and Benjamin were the most obvious cases, but there might be more people who needed mental help there.

Thankfully, my boss was open-minded about such things. A week after that, I announced that a psychologist would arrive, and they could talk to him about their worries, fears, problems – everything. I saw some people hesitate to do so, but it was probably because they had never opened up to anyone so much before. 

As per the client-psychologist confidentiality rule, I was not supposed to ask either the miner or the psychologist what they talked about during the session. Despite that, as I compared the expression on the people’s faces when they went in and out of the office where they met the mental health professional, many of them seemed like they got ten years younger afterward. The psychologist informed later that a few of them – including the three mentioned above – decided to continue their consultation and possibly try therapy. When I asked about their behaviors, he said that the miners’ agitation stemmed from occupational stress, leading to depression and anxiety. 


What are the signs and symptoms of agitation? 

When it comes to agitation, these are the signs and symptoms to look out for:

  • You feel uneasy and nervous.
  • You move uncontrollably.
  • You become cranky and a little impatient.
  • You can be too excited or too stubborn to do anything.

What does agitation feel like? 

When you experience agitation, it feels like tension builds up in your body. It takes very little to no provocation for that tension to explode into full-on anger, excitement, or impatience, given that this feeling is fueled by stress. Nevertheless, agitation is not an odd emotion, so it’s okay to feel this way sometimes.

Why do I get so agitated? 

Stress is one of the primary causes of agitation. When work, school, or a relationship becomes too much for you, you tend to feel too agitated to realize what needs to be done in life. Things do not let up when you have anxiety, addiction, bipolar disorder, or depression on top of that. In truth, that may worsen your agitation, to the extent that you may snap at people for practically no reason at all. 

Is agitation a sign of anxiety? 

Yes, agitation is a sign of anxiety. Whenever you feel anxious, your inner tension causes you to experience uneasiness or be on edge – as if you are a ticking bomb. A slight nudge, comment, gesture, or even a smile can trigger you to go over the edge.

What is the best medication for agitation? 

The reality is that there is no specific medication that can cure or treat agitation, considering it is technically a behavioral symptom – not a mental disorder. However, some psychiatrists may prescribe antipsychotic drugs like Abilify, Geodon, Haldol, and Zyprexa. In case the patient does not want to take medication, they may try the following:

  • Know the trigger factors.
  • Stay in a calm space.
  • Rest well.
  • Try meditation.

How do I overcome agitation? 

Considering your agitation is a symptom of psychosis, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or other mental illnesses, you most likely need to see a psychiatrist determine if you can take medication or get therapy. In case it is due to hormonal imbalance, it may be ideal to try hormonal replacement therapy to get rid of your agitation. Now, suppose none of the given options is on the table. In that case, you may take non-medical approaches, such as doing deep-breathing exercises, yoga, and various calming techniques to reduce stress primarily. 

How do I know I’m bipolar? 

Bipolar disorder is not the most straightforward mental illness to diagnose, given that the varying signs of mania and depression can confuse even the best mental health professionals out there. However, if you genuinely want to know if you are bipolar, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I sometimes feel too high or too low?
  • Can I sometimes forgo sleeping for days? Are there days when I feel too exhausted to leave the bed?
  • Do I make decisions that feel both exciting but reckless? 
  • When I am working, do I sometimes show overconfidence or lack of concentration?
  • Do I feel like the king (or queen) of the world one day and then wish to end it another day?

If the answer to all these questions is ‘yes,’ then it is possible that you have bipolar disorder. 


Why do I feel like I’m crawling out of my skin? 

The sensation of crawling out of your skin is a physical symptom of anxiety. It is often accompanied by a tingling feeling – as if something is moving all over your body. Unfortunately, scientists cannot provide a medical explanation for this symptom at the time of writing. 

What is the difference between irritability and agitation? 

Irritability is a common form of anger that a person experiences when they witness or feel something untoward. Some may express it by scrunching up their nose, leaving, or maintaining a poker face, given that an irritated individual is not angry enough to lash out.

As for agitation, the opposite happens. When an agitated person sees or experiences something that their brain perceives as untoward, they may start wringing their hands, pacing the room, or shaking. Worse, they may be unable to keep themselves from acting irritable or yelling at someone as tension continues to build up in their system. Such uncontrollable behaviors may persist until the individual stops feeling agitated. 

What drugs calm you down? 

Psychiatrists typically prescribe antidepressants to patients who cannot calm down on their own. There are new forms of antidepressants (e.g., SSRIs) that are supposed to have fewer side effects than others. In case you are looking for anti-anxiety medication, you may seek FDA-approved benzodiazepines like Xanax, Valium, and Klonopin.

How do you get rid of an unsettled feeling? 

Feeling unsettled is not good. You should do the following to get rid of it:

  • Figure out why you feel this way. The answer is in your head more often than not, but you may be afraid to confront the truth.
  • Release all your pent-up emotions through physical activities. If you cannot go to the gym, run around the neighborhood. If you cannot ride a bike, then go on a hike. Even if you do not use your words, the exercises can boost your mental health.
  • Create a new routine for yourself. Sometimes, you feel unsettled because you feel stuck. That may change when you have a different schedule to follow.
  • Pray to God, Allah, or any of the gods or goddesses that you consider as heavenly beings. You need not follow any religion to do that, but sometimes it feels good to believe that higher beings are looking over you.
  • Seek mental help if the tips above fail to get rid of your unsettled feelings. In that case, you may have an undiagnosed disorder and require medication or therapy to get better.

What is bad anxiety? 

Bad anxiety is another term for general anxiety disorder (GAD). Although it is technically the mildest form of anxiety, it remains characterized by recurring feelings of intense fear. The reason behind the sensation may or may not always be valid, but it can cripple an individual to the extent that they refuse to leave their house or bedroom.

What can I take for irritability? 

Irritability is a behavioral symptom that you may experience when you are agitated or before it turns into anger. It is also a familiar feeling for people who deal with hormonal imbalances, stress, depression, bipolar disorder, and other issues. Thus, you need to pinpoint which of them causes your irritability before taking any drug.

For instance, if you feel irritated due to depression, you may take antidepressants. In case it is because of hormonal imbalance, you can try hormonal replacement therapy.


What are the three most commonly prescribed drugs for dementia? 

Given that dementia have similar symptoms as Alzheimer’s disease, the patients who suffer from either tend to get practically the same drugs to slow down – not cure – memory loss. These drugs include:

  • Donepezil
  • Memantine
  • Rivastigmine

Does anxiety medication help anger?

Technically speaking, anti-depression – not anti-anxiety – medication is used to treat anger issues. Some psychiatrists may prescribe Zoloft, Prozac, or Celexa to their patients since they are meant to provide a sense of calmness to the users. However, since patients suffering from anxiety also take antidepressants, anxiety medication helps anger via transitive relation.

Final Thoughts

The mining company owner learned about the psychological consultations that I requested for the miners I worked with. I thought he would tell me to shut down that program or, worse, fire me when he asked me to visit his office, but I was pleasantly surprised when he said that it was an excellent idea. After that conversation, more psychologists got dispatched to other mining sites, and the workers’ morale and mood improved overall in no time.

Urbanization: Understanding The Importance Of Mining

The 2017 Miners Convention emphasized the miner’s role in today’s society. The mining industry plays a massive role in the urbanization of an area. They provide necessary materials used in construction as well as in products like vitamins, plates and cups, cellphones, and more. The mining industry has paved the way for various forms of technologies and jobs, which can improve a country’s economic sector.

The mining industry is vital to the continual growth of a country or region. Without the mining industry, urbanization of an area may be close to impossible. Here are four reasons why mining is essential.

  1. Rise Of Infrastructure And Construction

Building infrastructure signifies the start of urbanization in an area. However, construction will not take place without necessary building materials such as steel, concrete, cement, and other construction materials. Without these, buildings and establishments such as homes, hospitals, and banks, among others, won’t rise. Also, there will be no roads and bridges, which are necessary for a reliable and efficient transportation system.

  1. Some Materials Don’t Grow

We cannot grow all the raw materials we use in today’s production. We mine renewable resources such as copper, silver, platinum, and other minerals. Without these, we wouldn’t be able to produce products such as energy towers, cellphones, cars, cement, and ceramics.

  1. Creating More Jobs

Several jobs are created in the mining industry. Through the mining industry, various positions can be created in different industries, including technology, construction, automotive, and manufacturing. Mining can also attract foreign investors as this helps in the production of raw materials such as copper, aluminum, gold, and other precious stones.

  1. Provides Energy

One of the most significant products you can obtain from the mining industry is coal and petroleum. Coal serves as a stable and affordable source of electricity. Petroleum is essential in the production of gasoline. Without the two products, transportation and other services may not be available.


Mining is a dangerous yet important industry that benefits us in our daily lives. Without the mining industry, urbanization and the rise of various technologies wouldn’t have emerged.


The use of stones has seen significant advances in the field of physical therapy. Therapists use them in a type of massage called “hot stone massage.”

Psychotherapy can be helpful

This massage involves the use of smooth, heated stones. Therapists place the stones in specific areas of your body to ease muscle tension and stiffness. ” During a hot stone massage, smooth, flat, heated stones are placed on specific parts of your body,” Debra Rose Wilson, PhD describes. This massage therapy also aims to increase metabolism and circulation. However, stones have other applications outside physical therapy. Their use has also played a role in the field of psychotherapy and counseling.

Psychotherapy And Counseling

psychotherapist and a counselor provide the same form of therapy to their patients. The difference between psychotherapists and counselors lie in their skills and qualifications. Both of them are capable of dealing with their clients’ emotional and mental concerns. Counselors can typically provide psychotherapy. On the other hand, psychotherapists need to go through training that focuses on serving long-term treatments involving chronic physical and emotional problems.

Using Stones In Psychotherapy And Counseling


Some therapists incorporate the use of stones in their sessions. Some collect pebbles, rocks, or sand not only as decoration but also as tools that they use with their patients. These stones serve as a psychotherapeutic tool by allowing the patient to shift their focus on the object. These help them overcome their defense mechanisms. Since they involve themselves through these objects, they become more expressive of what they’re going through. For example, the pebble can represent the patient’s negative fixations. The patient can bury it in sand to symbolize putting his or her worries to rest.

The stones can also serve as a transitional object that brings them closer to their therapist as they gain more access and form a deeper connection with their patients. This method helps reduce the patient’s anxiety, thus giving the therapist a broader view of their patient’s situation. 

Benefits Of Stones In Psychotherapy And Counseling


Given the brief background of what stones can offer in psychotherapy and counseling, here are some benefits you can expect from its use.

  1. You invite your client to follow their intuition, and this may lead to them arranging the stones in a manner that soothes them.
  2. The stones may help them explore their identity. Choosing a stone may indicate a description of themselves, and their choice reflects a bit of their current condition. Each stone’s size, shape, color, or texture may define a particular side of them.
  3. Art is often associated with the use of stones. Through the use of these materials, the client’s right brain hemisphere becomes more active. This situation helps free up brain/body pathways for more information and energy to flow through them.
  4. Sensory memories may be picked up from the use of these stones. A specific characteristic or feature of the stone may trigger a particular memory they experienced in the past. “Sensory associations are real and powerful. They insure that each of us experiences the world in our own individual way,” Sally Augustin Ph.D. explains.
  5. As mentioned before, the stones may serve as a transitional object that can help ease their anxiety about opening up. This tool allows the client to express themselves and their worries better. According to Suzanne Phillips, PsyD., “Sometimes the things we cherish are things that are valued purely for their emotional meaning.”

If you can’t seem to find the right treatment for your condition, you may want to try this type of therapy. It is never too late to try using stones in your treatment. Sometimes, the unknown may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

The Relevance Of Rare-Earth Metals

Everyone recognizes the value of common metals such as iron, copper, and aluminum. However, there is an essential class of metals that is important in our modern technology. Minerals in this category are called rare-earths, and they include members with lesser-known names such as neodymium.


These rare-earth metals are the cornerstone of our modern society, and they also have particular effects on global politics. Their relevance means that they deserve to be better understood by everyone.

Abundance Of Rare-Earths

Despite their name, rare-earth metals are common. Even the least abundant rare-earth metals are present in amounts hundreds of times that of gold. Many of the rare-earth metals are nearly as universal as metals we consider ubiquitous, such as lead.

What makes rare-earth metals unique is that they are difficult to extract from the ground, despite their abundance. In other minerals, their deposits tend to cluster together into concentrated regions, facilitating ore extraction. In contrast, rare-earth metals are present in more diffuse concentrations in the ground. They tend to occur with other rare-earth metals, and they are notoriously difficult to separate and purify into usable grades.

Because of how difficult it is to extract rare-earth metals, they tend to be present in small supply. Their scarcity in the market, as well as their usefulness in electronics, means that they usually command high prices.

Rare-Earths In Technology


Rare-earth metals are necessary for most electronic components. They have unique mechanical, electrical, and magnetic properties that make them suitable for many technological applications.

A typical example is the use of neodymium in hard disk drives. When alloyed with other metals, neodymium can create strong permanent magnets. These magnets are used in hard drives to encode and read the information on the disk. The written data is present as a magnetization pattern on the disk, and only neodymium magnets are powerful enough to alter and recognize these patterns. 

Rare-earth metals make up only a small fraction of the devices that contain them. Nevertheless, most electronics require rare-earth metals and will not function without them. The absence of rare-earth metals can set back human technology by decades.

The Politics Of Rare-Earths

Due to the difficulty of extracting rare-earth metals, only a limited number of places can produce them in economically significant amounts. Up until the late 20th century, the US was the leader in rare-earth production. After those years, China’s production capacity snowballed. Today, the majority of the rare-earths are mined and processed in China. Japan and the US are the other significant producers of this vital resource. 


The recycling of electronics to recover rare-earth metals is still limited. Since China has substantial control over the global supply of rare-earths essential for electronics, the country can use rare-earths as leverage. For example, China could reduce its export quotas during a trade war, causing the price of rare-earth metals to skyrocket. This action could force other countries to concede.

While rare-earth metals may seem obscure, they are a force to reckon with in the modern world. The general public underappreciates these minerals, and everyone should take some time to learn more about them.

Breaking Jewelry Shopping Addiction (Listen To Your Therapist)

Surely, jewelry shopping is one of the most fulfilling experiences that a lot of women consider. It lifts the mood and reduces stress levels in ways no one can imagine. It promotes social interaction as well because shoppers tend to associate with their peers and sales personnel. However, too much of the habit somehow results in a negative way of living. So if you found yourself in a behavioral situation where there is an involved compulsive buying of gold and glittery stones, perhaps it is time to listen to your therapist.


Spending Habits

If you happen to blow every penny you have in buying pieces of jewelry, you might want to consider an evaluation. Ask yourself questions as to what jewelry means to you. How are they supposed to help you get through, and what are their roles in your life. Perhaps you already got the answers in your head. But are those reasons genuinely enough to validate your jewelry shopping addiction? Will you be able to tell everyone that what you are doing is based on necessity?

“Compulsive shopping is not a well-defined disorder, and it’s not a stand-alone condition,” says Jerrold Pollak, Ph.D. “It’s usually linked to other problems such as depression, anxiety or self-esteem issues.”

One of the issues with shopping is its inherently pleasurable effects. At some point, it is entirely normal and healthy. In some fortunate instances, people often use it as therapy. However, the problem is when they are doing it excessively that individuals begin to develop adverse emotional and mental dysfunction. When spending habits lead to debts that can’t get repaid, it causes stress and anxiety. And when shopping becomes more important than other things, it brings psychological issues.

“The thrill of purchase only gives way to let-down, disappointment, guilt, shame, financial and interpersonal consequences–and the need for more shopping,” says Suzanne Phillips, Psy.D.


Financial Rights Or Mental Threat?

Another problem with shopping addiction lies in the growth of your finances. The better they are, the more you support the behavioral habit. However, for those individuals who can’t seem to afford such expensive things, their ways of achieving it depend on their capability to alter their behavior. For some that can afford the constant buying, they consider the practice as economic rights. But for those who can barely make enough cash, wanting and getting things by any means is a mental threat.

From all the jewelry shopping that you do and calculating all the years you spent buying stuff, there is so much clutter for sure. You might not see it, but every time you feel you need to buy something because it is pretty and sparkly, you encourage a mental distortion. Yes, the habit allows an increase of dopamine levels because you reward yourself. However, when the activity becomes constant, there is a dopamine rise. When that happens, your reward pathways aims for more satisfaction until it pushes you to do more and exceeds what currently pleases you.


Breaking The Bad Behavioral Habit

If the addiction has been running for an extended period, it can be quite impossible to address. However, some ways can help you from getting rid of the mental condition. The first thing you have to do is evaluate and internalize. You have to gather all the financial details you have, such as debts and expenses, as well as income. From there, create a plan to attack it, and one way to do it is through learning the art of budgeting. When you finally get a hold of how much money you earn and spend, everything else will become an eye-opener.

“Treating the underlying issue can help improve the buying behavior if it stems from another disorder,” says Marlynn Wei, MD.

Another thing you need to look through is that not all pleasing jewelry deals are good deals. Most of it is just trying to riff you off. When you realize the need to say “no,” you will be amazed at how those things don’t genuinely matter at all. Yes, it will be difficult to avoid temptations. But when you try and figure out what your triggers are, you will be able to understand what to do. When you go shopping for pieces of jewelry, always ask yourself if you need it. Don’t use your stress, anxiety, boredom, and depression as an excuse to get one. Be mindful that in everything you do, your will is more powerful than your desires. Stick to your means and only buy things you need.

Knowing that you have a mental condition will able to help in addressing the root of the issue. Because once you realize the need for psychological help, you can be able to set out limits. From there, you can begin to make sure that you only buy things that you need. Yes, jewelry is amazingly beautiful things. But they are not as valuable as your mental and emotional condition.

Mining And Its Benefits

People often get worried about the environment when they hear the word mining. But, who wouldn’t get that anxiety when you know the possible effects of mining? However, due to this misconception, people don’t see the beneficial sides of it. They don’t understand that mining brings forward the economy’s growth. There are good jobs for lots of people and direct government revenues. However, the real benefit of it is more significant than everyone can ever imagine. That’s because the metals mined are used in making almost everything that we now enjoy.


Where It All Started

The mining industry already established its foundation years ago. It has been part of people’s economic growth since history. Since the boom of the gold and silver currency, most of our ancestors consider the mining as a form of community growth as well. Meaning, the more people contribute to mining, the more chances they will get enough resources in building things that serve people’s convenience. Communities and towns across each country view mining as a sturdy economic balance that will never run out of value. That explains why a lot of companies still strive today because they continue to invest in a great deal of innovation in the future. It includes automobile safety development, creating tons of new appliances, enhanced computer parts, building of functional types of machinery, and even more developed smartphones.

Say for example you would want to build a bike. From the brakes, tires, frame, cables, handlebars, and gears, all are products of mining. Also, computer device parts from cooler, boards, and chips, are also from mining. Your car from its engine, up to its frame, almost all things about it of it are from mining. That’s due to the world’s vast natural resources. That explains why mines are beneficial in creating critical components that enhance modern machines and devices. The product of metal mines already became the building blocks of people’s modern living.


Until today, mining remains the dominant force of most countries in the world. It still generates tons of jobs for individuals. Mining’s commitment illustrates safeguards to protect people and also our natural resources. Though there are some situations that mining appears to be involved in environmental scandals, it is still a vital part of a country’s growing future. People are working in the mining industry that always tries their best to safeguard human lives, animals, water, air, and the land itself. There are strict regulations and a high standard that helps ensure responsible mining operations. Not only it does keep workers safe; it also protects the environment from the possible danger of unmonitored consumption of resources.

The mining industry continues to invest in the process because of the visible economic boost. Not only has it showed a significant impact in the urban areas and cities, but in the rural parts of the countries as well. It helps to create tons of opportunities such as transportation, construction, technical services, retail sector, and equipment. It becomes the world’s largest source of industrial modernization.


Want To Stop Mining?

There are billions of people in the world. Therefore, they need water, food, and shelter for survival. Without mining, then there will be no steels, cement, and concrete. Without these particular ingredients, there are no skyscrapers, shopping malls, stadiums, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, houses, and no cities. There will be no roads for infrastructure, no rails for trains, harbors, airports, and even bridges. Surely without these, there will also be no trucks, cars, planes, trains, and ships. There will be no agricultural types of equipment as well that will support the production of crops, feeds for animals, and food for people as well. Without mining, there will be no water treatment plans, pumps, towers, and even water. Without all of these valuable things that help businesses grow, there will be nothing to support it. There will be no interstate commerce and no global trade. Therefore, there are no jobs and the opportunity to grow for everyone.

Yes, there are things that people need to consider when it comes to mining. But the idea of entirely stopping it will only create a global problem. As humans, we have to admit that the only way we can survive in this world is through the help of our natural resources.

Poisonous Metals And Mental Health


Poisonous metals are part of our environment. The degree of contagion is so severe that its presence is not questioned, but rather how much of it exists. Acute toxins like lead and mercury manifest in obvious signs of poisoning, but effects from long-term exposure are more inconspicuous. Constant exposure brings about a variety of disturbances from psychological to violent behavior, memory lapses, depression (therapy might be necessary), and irritability, to physical, such as fatigue, organ dysfunctions, migraines, and infections.

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Should You Use Ayahuasca In The Mining Industry?

Ayahuasca has been linked to tons of psychoactive effects that are usually experienced by the people who enjoy drinking this beverage. It is made of two plants namely Banisteriopsis caapi and Psychotria viridis. In the past, Ayahuasca is considered a big part of the culture of the natives in South America. These people use it for their spiritual practices or activities too. Over the years, its popularity has risen due to the several advantages that are associated with it.


Before anything else, it is essential or vital to note that the effects of this powerful brew or drink can vary from one person to another. The known effects are subjective. In this article, we are going to provide a quick enumeration of the advantages that one can get from consuming Ayahuasca: 

  1. It Reduces Depression

A recent study shows that this Ayahuasca targets several regions of the brain that are responsible for processing emotions. The regular consumption of this item is proven to be effective in eliminating stress as well as anxiety experienced by the person involved. At the same time, it can also decrease or reduce depression due to its anti-depressive components. It is classified as a medicine that can activate the serotonin receptors in the brain.

  1. It Cures Cancer

The several people who have taken advantage of the availability of Ayahuasca claimed that they felt more revitalized than ever. According to EduardoSchenberg, a researcher from the University of Sao Paulo, the brew has a high potential of addressing the medical issue concerning cancer cells. In his published study, he revealed that DMT and harmine found in Ayahuasca play an essential role in cancer treatment. However, he emphasized that additional tests and experiments must be conducted to come up with detailed findings.

  1. It Expands Consciousness

Ayahuasca allows an individual to live in the present by giving him an opportunity to discover a deeper meaning of his life. It provides a person with a chance to appreciate all the circumstances and decisions that led him to where he is at the moment. It is ideal for one who is searching for answers in his life or finding a way to gain a full understanding of his current situation. It can also evoke a positive feeling of self-redemption as well as self-reflection.


  1. It Can Be Self-Healing

Several persons call Ayahuasca as a healer due to the different excellent processes that it facilitates in the human body. Consuming this brew can lead to psychosomatic and spiritual shifts. It is the primary reason why it is said to be the perfect brew that can cure addiction. It can result in some changes in the habits or customs enjoyed by a particular person. It includes the modification in the addictive patterns practiced by the same individual.

  1. It Reduces Stress

Another known effect of Ayahuasca is reduced stress and anxiety. This alternative medicine has a component that can make a person feel lightweight and free from the pressures of the material world. Because of this feature, many people prefer to have it regularly. As already mentioned above, this robust brew can also evoke mindfulness making any person more focused for a particular day. Stress reduction is essential in the mining industry.


What To Do Next?

Take note that the article presents Ayahuasca and its benefits. However, we do not claim that it is the perfect solution to improve your working conditions. It is still highly recommended to book an appointment with a medical doctor or psychiatrist who can tell you more about this potent brew. You may be allergic to a significant component found in Ayahuasca. If not detected at an early stage, continued use of the powerful brew can be dangerous to your health. Instead of enjoying the benefits, you may end up missing more.

Keep in mind that not all states allow the use, possession, and sale of Ayahuasca. As such, it is crucial or essential for you to read the rules and regulations of the company before taking Ayahuasca within the premises of the company’s buildings and establishments. Remember that the employer may terminate you immediately the moment you fail to comply with the said rule.


If there is one thing that you need to understand at this point, it is the fact that there are still other ways to de-stress and expand consciousness despite your busy schedule in the mining industry. All that you must do is to take some time to rest so that you can recover from the stressful events or moments at work. Do not hesitate to rest or take a break when necessary. Keep in mind that your mental health must be prioritized at all times. Otherwise, you will end up experiencing problems in your job. In the long run, you may lose interest to get things done if the palace has