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Gold means wealth! Many people condemn mining because of the harm it does to Mother Nature. However, it could be differently viewed if we are going to consider another angle. When we speak of economic wealth and stability, gold mining is of great importance. It determines the standing of a country as to how much it can compete, trade, and deal with other countries. Gold gives more than just money. It gains country respect.


The world has about 148.94 million sq. km land area, and depending on the boundary, larger countries have the advantage of having larger land areas to mine. It is undeniable that mining is a way of extending wealth, and there are leading countries who produce the most gold.


Top 10 Countries Producing The Most Gold As Of 2018:


Land Area: 9.597 million km²

Mining Area Location: Inner Mongolia and Tibet

Gold Produced: 426 tonnes

Having a large land area, China has been the top gold producing country in the world. However, they dropped by 6 percent in 2017 due to petitions concerning environmental awareness.



Land Area: 7.692 million km²

Mining Area Location: Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

Gold Produced: 295.1 tonnes

Australia has a large land area, but they are expecting their gold production to drop if their exploration cost does not increase twice as much.



Land Area: 17.1 million km²

Mining Area Location: Krasnoyarsk region and Chukotka region

Gold Produced: 270.7 tonnes

Russia is the top producer of gold in the European continent, and they are also the primary buyer of their locally-produced gold.


United States

Land Area: 9.834 million km²

Mining Area Location: Alaska and Colorado

Gold Produced: 230.0 tonnes

Gold production in the US increases annually contributed by the effort of projects in Nevada and South Carolina.



Land Area: 9.985 million km²

Mining Area Location: British Columbia

Gold Produced: 175.8 tonnes

Canada is also on the rise when it comes to gold production, and they are expecting to expand in 2019.


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Land Area: 1.285 million km²

Mining Area Location: La Pampa region

Gold Produced: 162.3 tonnes

There is a petition to stop mining in Peru because it destroyed the Amazon Rainforest. It also severely contributed to pollution and deforestation.



Land Area: 1.905 million km²

Mining Area Location: Papua

Gold Produced: 154.3 tonnes

Indonesia is home to the seventh deepest gold mines in the world, the Grasberg mine.


South Africa

Land Area: 1.22 million km²

Mining Area Location: Witwatersrand

Gold Produced: 139.9 tonnes

South Africa is home to the world’s deepest gold mine. However, gold production is declining due to increased labor cost and production breaks.



Land Area: 1.973 million km²

Mining Area Location: State of Zacatecas

Gold Produced: 130.5 tonnes

Mexico has a low cost of regulation making it ideal for mining. However, gold mining companies have been having problems causing the decline in production.



Land Area: 238,535 km²

Mining Area Location: Wassa West District

Gold Produced: 101.7 tonnes

Ghana is the second largest African gold-producing country.  It is famous for its various mineral reserve.


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Gold mining is one of the means of every country to stabilize and gain wealth. However, due to petitions for environmental awareness, there is a gradual decline in gold production. If people obtain proper knowledge of the importance of mining to economic growth, there will be greater support and management of mining.


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